FAQ: What is a normal day for Bandit?

Ok, so we got a user submitted question recently (I know, I was as shocked as you probably are)

“What is a normal day like for the best kitty in the world who lives in a van with some man? -Ashley from sf vanabonds

Great question Ashley!

Ok, so my day typically starts around 7-8am when I get really hungry and I meow and jump up and down on my owners back giving him a kitty back massage with my claws. I think he must really like it because he instantly gets up and congratulates me with some treats or even better sometimes a whole bowl of food and then he jumps back into bed and leaves me alone to eat. What a great owner! Letting me eat in solice…


Then on a good day he gets up and drives to somewhere nice near water with birds that fly all over and I stare at them and make weird bird faces to psych them out. Oh oh, also I have this little toy that holds yummy little food bites and I play with it and food comes out!


That takes up pretty much my whole morning and that is some real work let me tell you. My owner is busy playing with his laptop most of the day pretending to do real work. Sometimes he is on the phone with coworkers pretending but I do not think they realize he also works a 2nd and 3rd job for some website named facebook & door dash?

Around lunch time I take a siesta because I spent all morning doing real work. If only my owner did not slack off all morning he could take a cat nap as well.

IMG_20160430_104350.jpgWhen I wake up I like to be greeted with my friend Mr. Turtle by my side. Mr. Turtle likes it rough so we get along well.


When it starts to get dark again I bug my owner to go fetch me some dinner. That is why I like owning a human really. They bring you really great food if you just massage them a bit.


After dinner I like to get a quick pedicure at the local nail salon and freshen up in my kitty box.

Then my owner gets all tired and goes to bed and we snuggle to keep each other warm…

I love living in a van with my owner.