Apple Valley, Joshua Tree & Dinosaurs!

My trip to the desert with my owner was pretty neat!  We stopped at Deep Creek Hot Springs in Apple Valley, met up with another van dweller, then drove to Joshua Tree National Park, spending a few nights under millions of stars.  Enjoyed climbing up the cool looking Joshua trees and I caught myself a blue-striped lizard!


On the way home we stopped in Cabazon visiting the sculptured dinosaurs that were featured in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure!


I have a feeling my human wants to come back to the desert — we both liked the hot arid climate.


Nature, Hunting & Sunset!

The beach has lots of animals living in holes, which I explore thoroughly.  I also stop to smell the flowers.


Conquering the roof of my van home was most exhilarating — I am definitely the King of this Castle!


The day ended with a beautiful sunset, though my paws had trouble holding camera steady…


I’m quite tuckered out after all the exploring & hunting!



Enjoying Life at the Beach!

I’m a big fan of the beach — I love watching the waves and hearing birds fly around!


Life on the road; there’s a lot of moving homes out there!


All of a sudden a bunch of humans zoomed by on some sort of moving contraption, which my owner said are called “bikes”!



Wilder Ranch State Park has fields that I think humans grow food in…


Isn’t my home amazing?!?  I get to go to so many great places!